Friday, March 9, 2012

A long overdue update

I don't think anyone really reads this blog, and I can understand why:-) We've been home for six months now, and I really do wish I had taken the time at some point to journal about our time in Addis. It was great and feel God was so faithful to pave our way. The most memorable part for me was meeting Hiwot's was incredibly emotional and something I will cherish forever. I am so thankful that her mother made the trip and know it will be a huge gift to Hiwot in the future. I absolutely LOVE Ethiopia and felt such a sadness when we left that we were taking her away from her country. Thankfully Mark has a connection there that will keep us traveling back occasionally:-)

In many ways, things have really been much easier than I had expected. I expected hard days, tantrums, us not liking each other, having to stay home a lot, sibling adjustment issues and have experienced every bit of it. Being prepared made a huge difference, so I wasn't shocked along the way. Hiwot is very easy to love...generally a very happy, smiley, people pleaser by nature. She does have her moments but recovers quickly...picked up the language faster than you can imagine and is smart as a whip. As Mark said the other night, God kind of threw us a softball in giving her to us because she's pretty easy. I think the part that has been harder than I expected is all about me. I underestimated how hard it would be for me to attach, and I have become aware of my need for grace more than ever. At first I knew I would have to put in a ton of time to connect with her, and I did that. About three months in, I started slacking and would let her go next door to play with friends for way too long. She would play with friends all day long if I let her. I was getting my stuff done and thought things would be okay. I have come to realize though that my work is just beginning. I have had to the attachment work back in to high gear. I went to the Empowered to Connect Conference here in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, and I am sooo thankful for what I learned. I learned a ton about kids from hard places but probably just as much about my biological kids and me. It was fabulous, and I highly recommend going to a conference or at least ordering some of their materials. I think it should be required training for those of us adopting or fostering.

The other kids have had their moments too, but they have accepted Hiwot and love her even when they try not to. David (my 6 year old) is best buddies with Hiwot, and they play together constantly. So thankful he's not our little left-out guy anymore. I think it has been hardest on Margo as her spot as the only daughter is forever gone, and she shares a room now. She has been a champ though and loves being a second mom to Hiwot as much as I will let her.

So, overall I'm thankful. It has been hard, but the good far outweighs any negatives. We have lots of support and great people in our lives who have walked this road before us:-) Hiwot was curled up next to me on the couch tonight, put her little hand on my face and gave me a kiss. She's a sweetie, and I pray every day that God will help me be the mom she needs me to be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We are finally going to get her! We will be leaving sometime around the 5th of September to bring her home!!! We got the email at 6 am this morning, and I am over the top excited and nervous that this whole thing is coming to an end. Praying for those of you still waiting, especially my sweet friends, the Lakeys. I know this wait is crazy hard, and the minute you think you've passes a huge milestone, you find yourself back in this endless pit of waiting. It will happen though!

God is so good...and not just because He gave me what I want today. You know?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Hiwot's paperwork was submitted to the Embassy July 28th, and we heard back this past Tuesday that the Embassy needed some additional information. We are hoping that our agency submits what they need tomorrow morning. Then, we will just wait to hear from the Embassy again. Please pray with us that they get what they need, and we get cleared for travel soon. I can't believe it has been 10 months since we first saw her sweet face. So weary of the wait and REALLY ready to bring her home.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Hiwot! We finally passed court last Wednesday, and I am so thrilled to get to say we are officially her parents. More waiting ahead, but I feel like I have another burst of energy to get me through. Let's hope it lasts. Praying for those still waiting to pass court!

Monday, June 13, 2011

more waiting

So MOWA didn't issue an opinion at all on our case today. That means that we are just waiting again...could happen any day, but no one can give a guess at how long it will take. I'm frustrated but am thankful that we don't have to have a new court date. This is crazy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tonight while we are sleeping...

Major things happening over in Addis tonight while we are sleeping. People will be deciding whether we become legal guardians to "our" sweet girl. I'll be on pins and needles in the morning!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update and request for prayer

Good news first - so many of our waiting friends are getting approval letters from MOWCA like crazy! That essentially means they are passing court, and their children are becoming legally theirs. I'm super excited for all of them, and this is what about 30 of us have been waiting for the past few months. So far, 26 of the 30 have received opinions from the court, and out of these 7 are help up for various reasons. We are one of the 7. Ours was held up because of a fingerprint issue I had all throughout the paperwork stage. Everyone is hopeful it will be resolved quickly, but I have learned not to count on anything for sure during this process (except that God is good and in control.) We have another court date on June 13th where we will hear whether MOWCA got what they needed to give us a positive opinion. Hopefully, we will get good news and she will be ours! Once that happens we schedule an Embassy appt. and go get her which is taking 6 - 8 weeks. Please, please, please pray with us that we pass on Monday. Most likely they will be reviewing the file Friday, so prayers for the MOWCA official(s) that day would be helpful. Thanks friends!